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Aircraft parts and supplies for the General Aviation Market is our specialty.

We maintain a large supply of the following brand name products to serve your needs.

Voltage Regulators and Overvoltage Relays - Lamar

* CC - Core Charge
1 2

Switch, Alternator INOP

PNO: A-00258-1 | CC:


Switch, Alternator INOP

PNO: A-00258-2 | CC:


Overvoltage Relay 28V Piper

PNO: B-00266-2 | CC:


Regulator, 28V, Parallel Ope

PNO: B-00286-1 | CC:


Regulator, 14V, Parallel Ope

PNO: B-00288-1 | CC:


Over Voltage Relay 14V

PNO: B-00289-2 | CC:


Regulator, 28V, Parallel Ope

PNO: B-00306-3 | CC:


Timer, Pneumatic Control

PNO: B-00325-1 | CC:


Voltage Regulator Type 1 14V

PNO: B-00331-2 | CC:


Timed Delay Switch

PNO: B-00341-1 | CC:


Alternator Control, 28V

PNO: B-00368-2 | CC:


Alternator Control, 28V

PNO: B-00368-17 | CC:


Alternator Control, 14V

PNO: B-00371-1 | CC:


Alternator Control, Load Bal

PNO: B-00372-1 | CC:


Monitor, Low Voltage

PNO: B-00375-2 | CC:


1 2